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EK LED Strip Lights

Save 45%

This kit turns your house into a LED light show

The party starts when the Wenlights are turned. These LED strips are so powerful even the neighbors will want to join in.

You can place them anywhere and fully control the color and patters with the remote control. The lighting variety is endless.

The house will not look the same when Wenlights are on. Bring the atmosphere you want to any place through immersive lighting.

What makes Wenlights so good?

Start the real party- Enjoy the light show with the various combinations Wenlights offers. The powerful LED lights will polarize everyone.

You control the atmosphere- With a touch of a button, you can change the ambiance to any place. Relax or go crazy using the many options.

Transform any living space- Stick them to ceilings, walls or around the house. Bring a new immersive vibe at will.

Why Wenlights is right for you- Wenlights is not only a decoration, they bring a whole new look and feel wherever you place them.