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EK™ "Save A Wolf" Bracelet

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"Save A Wolf" Bracelet 

Intelligence, instinct and the importance of social ties are the strength of the pack and are the main characteristics of a wolf soul.


A stone that promotes spiritual and psychic awareness. It brings about core soul repair and healing


A stone believed to provide not only protection of negativity but also clear connection to the purity of natural elements.

Lapis Lazuli

A stone that liberates one from fears and self-impose limitations and shields the wearer from negative influence.

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Endangered Wolves

How many are they left in the wild?


Mexican Gray Wolf


Red Wolf


Let's Make A Difference

Every Bracelet Supports Wolves

Only fewer than 30 red wolves are left in the wild, and they are expected to go extinct in less than a decade. 

Every purchase helps to keep these beautiful animals happy, healthy, and protected from being hunted.

*A portion of the proceeds generated from this bracelet will be used to further our mission of saving wild wolves.