Becoming An Air Bender PT 1. (Basic Aerokinesis) — Evolving Knowledge

Becoming An Air Bender PT 1. (Basic Aerokinesis)

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Discover the truth unlock your full potential and become an Air Bender

 Written by - DWG OF EARTH

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  • Raise your vibration
  • Merkaba field activation
  • Learn to master your energy field
  • Third eye/pineal gland activation
  • Activate dormant DNA
  • Unlock greater brain capacity
  • Learn the psychic ability of telekinesis (objects), aerokinesis (air), atmokinesis (weather), electrokinesis (electricity), geokinesis (earth), heliokinesis (solar connection), hydrokinesis (water), and pyrokinesis (fire)
  • Heighten natural psychic abilities such as intuition, astral projection, remote viewing
  • Healing abilities
  • Become deeply connected to nature
  • Unveil the matrix
  • Master energy and reality creation
  • Harmonize with the elements
  • Improved health, mood, and longevity
  • Increased life force, chi, prana, ki, or energy
  • An evolved consciousness
  • Greater sense of oneness to all things
  • Multidimensional abilities
  • Become a conscious creator in reality, not an NPC
  • Mastery over energy work